Former Police Chief files suit

HARTINGTON — A lawsuit has been filed in Federal Court that involves the City of Hartington.

Former Hartington City Police Chief Casey Nieman is suing  the city for loss of employment and damage to his reputation, among other things.

Nieman was fired after he allegedly left a tape recorder operating during a closed session of the Hartington City Council last spring. The city has since contracted with the Cedar County Sheriff’s Dept. to handle all local law enforcement for the next three years.

Nieman is currently working full time as a deputy for the Knox County Sheriff’s Dept.

In the suit, Nieman alleges he was not allowed due process after he was fired last April by Mayor Brad Peitz and the City Council.

Nieman claims his 14th Amendment rights were violated since he did not receive notice of his termination or a notice for a pre-termination hearing to rebut allegations against him.

The Hartington City Council and the Mayor denied Nieman’s allegations when they responded in a brief filed with the court last month.

Nieman is requesting a jury trial in Federal Court in Omaha.

The City has asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit and made the request to have Nieman be responsible for the costs involved.