Big decisions will be made Tuesday

HARTINGTON —  The decision to consolidate Hartington’s two voting wards into one will be left up to the local voters in next week’s election.

Currently, Hartington has two voting districts, a north and south ward. If the change were made to go to one voting district, then everyone would vote for the same city candidates each election year.

County Clerk Dave Dowling said the move is similar to what Randolph did a few years ago.

The Laurel City Council will be considering the same measure this year, as well.

The move could save the cities and the county some money because of reduced election expenses, Dowling said.

Local voters will also decide the make-up of the Hartington School Board when they go to the polls next week.

Four candidates are seeking to fill three vacancies on the board.

Gerri Jueden, Ron Pearson, Doug Miller and V.E. Rossiter Jr., are all running for a spot on the board.

Pearson and Miller are incumbents. Jueden is filling out the remainder of Wendy Sudbeck’s unexpired term and Rossiter is seeking a spot on the board for the first time.

City residents in Hartington’s South Ward will also be able to decide between current Council member Deb Addison and challenger Joe Hish.

All City residents will vote at the Hartington VFW. Polls are open 8 a.m.-8 p.m., Tuesday.

Several Cedar County residents have already cast ballots in the election.

Cedar County Clerk Dave Dowling and Secretary of State John Gale have turned seven Cedar County precincts into all-mail precincts. Dowling has  mailed out 1,775 ballots to voters in those districts.

To date, Dowling said an additional 662 people have requested Early Ballots. All early ballots and mail-in ballots must be delivered to the County Clerk’s office before 8 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 6.