Farmer’s Union buying Fordyce business

HARTINGTON — Farmers Union Co-op in Hartington is undertaking a new venture.
The Co-op will be operating the Wiebelhaus Service Station in Fordyce, which is a gas and service station and also serves refreshments.
The Station will continue to deliver fuel to farms and do tire repair.

Farmers Union Co-op is purchasing the Fordyce business and will take ownership May 1. The doors at Wiebelhaus Service Station will be open for business  May 2 under the new  ownership.
“We bought it as a unit along with the underground bulk storage,” said Co-op manager Doris Feilmeier. “The name will stay the same and we will keep the current help. We wanted to keep the business open. It is a good stopping off place for people in the community.”
Wiebelhaus Service Station opens at 7 a.m., except for Sundays when the doors open at 10  a.m.
The doors close at 8 p.m. during the week.
According to Feilmeier closing time will fluctuate over the weekends depending on the number of customers.

Several ideas have surfaced for expanding the services at the Fordyce business.
Plans are in place to put up a fence and add a beer garden and Feilmeier is also looking into offering some food.
Feilmeier, who will be managing the Hartington and Fordyce businesses, will be dealing with a number of state and federal regulations and inspections and a liquor license has been applied for under the new ownership.
Dick Wiebelhaus has been the owner and operator of the Station for 47 years.
Wiebelhaus is retiring, but said he would be available to answer questions or to help out at times if he is needed.
“I am very happy that the Farmers Union Co-op has bought it,” Wiebelhaus said.
The Co-op was started in 1928 when a group of farmers were asked if they would like to purchase stocks for the business.
“We have about 350 share-holders and we are always looking for new share-holders,” Feilmeier said.
The Co-op in Hartington provides bulk fuel delivery, on-farm tire repair, complete auto service and sells tires, batteries, gas and diesel fuel.
By using Cardtrol, customers can purchase gas at the pumps twenty-four hours a day with any major credit card.
The Co-op has a Red Snapper dealership and sells used and new mowers and takes in trade-ins.
Farmers Union Co-op in Hartington is governed by a board of six members: Ray Kneifl, Newcastle; Lyle Lammers, Fordyce; Ron Arens; Kevin Uhing; Ron Lammers and Jim Steffen, all of Hartington.