Council approves plat for Nordby addition

Hartington — Hartington City Council put their stamp of approval on the creation of Nordby Addition, which will be located north of Hwy 84 on the eastern edge of Hartington.

The preliminary plat for Nordby Addition has been approved.
Nordby Addition will cover approximately seven acres and include 15 lots.
Nordby Avenue will run straight through the Addition from Hwy. 84 north to Main Street. There will also be access from the west off of State Street.
In other action, sealed bids were opened on a strip of land located between Folkers Brothers Garage and the Tower Road in the Industrial Subdivision.
Lee and Nick Folkers had inquired about purchasing the land since they are involved in expanding their business.
The city has been mowing the property and board members could see no need in continuing to own the narrow strip of land.
Council members accepted a bid of $250 on the property from Folkers Brothers Garage.
Bill Yates gave a report on a recent Nebraska Municipal Power Pool (NMPP) meeting he had attended in Nebraska City.
The guest speaker at the meeting, John Doggett, teaches and lectures on international entrepreneurship, global competition, sustainability and energy.
According to Yates, the speaker predicted China’s economy could pass the U.S. as early as 2012.
Doggett told the group the U.S. must reduce the nation’s debt and change rules on allowing new manufacturing and have fewer regulations by EPA.

“He said we cannot borrow ourselves out of debt – we need to reduce our debt,” Yates said. “He also said the best asset we have is our farmers who feed the world.”
Another speaker talked about funding from grants, community surveys and city sales tax.

“He even used our city plan for the LB840 city sales tax to help another city get their bill passed,” Yates said. “He emphasized how we need to find ways to encourage young people to return to the rural area after graduation.”
Yates said the meeting was very interesting and he was happy to attend on behalf of the city.
Three building permits were approved: storage sheds for Dale Duhachek and Bob Kastrup and an addition for Troy Bottolfsen.