Fordyce residents turn down sales tax

FORDYCE — An attempt to collect a local sales tax in the Village of Fordyce has been defeated by a narrow margin.
The ballots have been counted: 40 “AGAINST” votes and 35 “FOR” votes in a special election that was held this month.

The all-mail election was conducted by Cedar County Clerk/Election Commissioner Dave Dowling.
“Seventy-five ballots were turned in. There were no requirements on the number of ballots that had to be returned,” Dowling said. “The vote was “for or against,” with a simple majority winning.”
Village board members had passed a resolution calling for the special election which gave the registered voters in Fordyce the final say on whether a local sales tax should be used.
According to Village Clerk Diane Limoges the funds from a local sales tax would have helped cover a loss of between $1,100 and $1,500 in state aid that had been eliminated.
The Village of Fordyce will be responsible for the cost of the special election according to Dowling.
It will be six months before another vote on a local sales tax can not be taken if the Village Board decides to try again.