School Bd Signs new contract with Supt. Swisher

HARTINGTON — Hartington Public School Board members approved a two-year contract Monday with Supt. Scott Swisher for the 2008-09 and 2009-10 school years.
The contract terms will not be known until all salaries are approved in June. Swisher’s current salary is $89,074.64.
In other business Monday, Business manager Julie Schrieber gave a report on the school lunch program.
Schrieber said money will be put in the lunch fund from the general fund.
“When you look at it overall, we are doing pretty good,” said Schrieber.
Although a salad bar was added and some new equipment was purchased, the price of the school lunches were not raised, according to Schrieber.
“We may want to look at the price of our lunches over the next couple of months,” said Swisher.

Steiner agreed the price of the lunches may have to be increased down the road.
“The way it looks now the lunch program is not sustainable,” said Steiner.

Board members received a copy of a letter which the school had received from the Hartington City Council.
The letter notified the school of a need to negotiate a new agreement between the school and the city for the use of the Hartington Community Complex for athletic events.
Swisher and a board member will meet with the City Council.
Board members were told Radec Construction gave an estimate which was close to $40,000 to replace the elementary and high school doors on the school building.
Bids will have to be taken due to the amount which would be spent, Swisher said.

Installing new doors at the school is a necessary expense, according to Grube.
“We have no other option,” said Grube. “The doors are shot. This is a priority.”
Board members discussed a letter the school had received from Dan Kathol concerning installing signs along the highway.
The signs would point visitors to the location of the school.
“The signs are needed,” said Grube. “How many times have you pulled into a town and wondered where the school is at?”