Q125 Little Shaver Little Miss Belle Named

web-little-shaver-and-miss-belle-good.jpgdsc_0090.JPG dsc_0059.JPG HARTINGTON — Eight lovely little ladies and nine nifty looking guys, all between the ages of five and nine years old, showed up for the Little Miss Belle and Little Shaver contest, which was held last Sunday afternoon.
Their colorful costumes gave a glimpse of what fashion was 125 years ago.
Most of the Little Shavers were wearing knee length trousers that were held up by a pair of suspenders along with bow ties and newsboy caps.
Bonnets, aprons over floor-length dresses along with lots of ruffles and lace seemed to be the favorite fashion for the young girls.

A white wicker loveseat and rocker, along with pots of red geraniums, set the stage for contest.
Jenna Rehnstrom, News anchor for Channel Nine News, made each of the young contestants feel at ease as they responded to several interview questions.
Brayden Kathol knew a few things kids in the Hartington area would have done for fun 125 years ago.
“The kids played marbles and jacks,” he said.
Grace Jansen said kids would have played a game called stick – ball; a game which she has never played.
Anthony Heiman said kids climbed trees and went fishing in a nearby pond.
Kaden Kneifl, who has aspirations of being a cowboy when he grows up, thought the chores kids would have helped with 125 years ago sounded like more fun than work.
Kaden, who carried a pistol and came dressed in overalls topped off with a fringed leather coat, knew a thing or two about cowboys and Indians.
“There used to be a boys school for Indians and a girls school for Indians,” Kaden said.
There was a variety of answers when the kids were asked what they like about living in the Hartington area.
“I like the fun pool and the fun park,” said Ellie Becker.
Hunter Heimes likes that he can take a bike ride to two parks and to the pool. Jacob Keiser also likes the swimming pool in Hartington.
Megan Heimes is impressed with the Library.
“I like the Library – you can get books there,” Megan said.
When asked who she admires the most – it was Mrs. Craig at the Library.
“Mrs. Craig reads books to the kids,” she said.

Austin Jansen looks up to his teacher.
“I learn a lot from my teacher,” he said.
Several of the kids at the competition want to be teachers and two boys want to be astronauts when they grow up. Derek Heimes said his desire is to be a paleontologist. A paleontologist digs up dinosaur bones and discovers dinosaur bones he explained.
After completing the interviews and showing off their costumes, four judges had the difficult task of choosing a Little Miss Belle and Little Shaver.
Elly Becker and Alexander Heiman placed third and will receive a $50 Savings Bond.
Megan Heimes and Hunter Heimes were awarded $75 Savings bonds for second place.
Eight year-old Alexa Lammers, daughter of Kip and Kris Lammers, received a bell, sash and a crown when she was chosen as the 2008 Little Miss Belle. Anthony Heiman, son of Dan and Frances Heiman, was given a top hat, sash and a can of shaving cream for the top place of Little Shaver.
Each of the top two places was given a $100 Savings Bond. All the savings bonds were donated by the Bank of Hartington.
Judges Dave and Jozette Knoff from Yankton, Stephanie Petersen representing Coleridge Community School and Jim Suing, Chairman of the Village of St. Helena, considered the answers the kids gave to the interview questions and the historical costumes worn by the contestants as they picked the winners.
Dave Knoff said narrowing the choice down from 17 contestants was a difficult job.
“The range was so close, you could have just had a drawing – all of them were so cute,” said Knoff.
Rehnstrom said she enjoyed coming back to help with the Little Miss Belle and Little Shaver contest.
“It was so much fun working with the little kids – they were so honest with their answers,” said Rehnstrom. “And I love to come back home to Hartington.”
This was a great event to kick-off the Q-125 Celebration, she said.
The other entries in the contest included Abby Hochstein, Allison Loecker, Anna Reifenrath, Aspen Jansen, Austin Jansen, Ben Loecker, Brayden Kathol, Grace Jansen, Jacob Keiser, Kaden Kneifl, and Derek Heimes.
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