City wants abandoned vehicles to disappear

HARTINGTON — Abandoned vehicles will no longer have a place within the city limits of Hartington.
The Hartington City Council decided Monday to get tough with owners of abandoned or unlicensed vehicles.
If you spot a red tag on your vehicle it could end up costing you some money.
“First, we will visit with the owners of the vehicles and tell them the vehicles have to be removed from the city limits,” said Mayor Bill Yates. “If the vehicles are not removed we are going to red tag the vehicles and they will have to be removed within 72 hours. If they are not removed, then they will be towed at the owner’s expense.”
The owner will have to pay the cost of the towing in order to get his vehicle back.
The vehicle can not be brought back within the city limits unless it is licensed.
The only way an unlicensed vehicle can be kept in the city limits is to have it housed in an enclosed building, according to Yates.