Brothers of the Brush Chapters now organizing

HARTINGTON — Beards and mustaches are popping up on men all over the Hartington area as area residents get into the swing for the May 23-26, 125 Year Quasquicentennial celebration.
The “Brothers of the Brush” chapters are forming and members for the various chapters are being recruited.  According to the Brothers of the Brush Chairman Darrell Kathol, there are around 12 chapters to date being formed with an anticipated three-four more groups considering forming a chapter.

The minimum number for a Brothers of the Brush chapter is eight members with no limit on the maximum number of members per chapter.
“The average chapter will have a membership of around 12-15 members and the goal is to have all the chapters formed by the end of February.  Chapters are being formed by groups of friends and co-workers and there is still time to get a chapter going,” Kathol said.
The cost of membership in a Brothers of the Brush chapter is $5 per member.  Each member receives a Brother of the Brush  badge to wear proudly and an official certificate suitable for framing.
Each chapter must come up with a comical official name for their chapter group and each member can select their own special “Brothers of the Brush individual name that is supposed to be comical. Obviously, each member of a chapter should support the growth of a mustache and/or beard to make them an official Brothers of the Brush member.
If for some reason, a member of the group does not grow either a mustache or beard, he will be required to purchase an official Shavers Permit Badge for an additional $3, which makes him a “Smoothies Club” member of the Brothers of the Brush chapter with all the rights afforded him as part of the chapter.
Each Brothers of the Brush chapter will elect officers of the chapter to include: a President (Main Brush), a Secretary (Writing Brush), a Treasurer (Money Brush) and finally a Deputy Cop (Fuzz Brush).

The responsibility of the Fuzz Brush will be to keep order in the chapter and keep fellow members out of jail. They will act as a deputy for Chairman Darrell Kathol by selling Shavers Permits for $3 to the non-shavers in the Hartington area as well as issuing citations to any man caught on the street shaven and  not wearing a Shavers Permit Badge after April 15.
Shavers Permit Badges will be going on sale starting March 1 at locations to be announced and by the deputies of each Brothers of the Brush chapter.
Brothers of the Brush chapter members will be encouraged to purchase and wear a black Top Hat or Derby Hat as well as the official Hartington Q-125 Bow Tie that will be going on sale soon.
All the Brothers of the Brush chapters and members will be invited to participate in the Q-125 caravans and motorcades that are being planned for late April and early may to surrounding area towns to promote Hartington’s Quasquicentennial celebration.
Each chapter is also encouraged to develop and promote challenges between rival Brothers of the Brush chapters so as to have some competitive fun and get publicity to help build awareness and excitement leading up to the big celebration.

The women in the Hartington area will also be forming chapters for the organization called the “Women of the Belle”.
Dawn Noecker and Connie Arens are co-chairing the organization and like the Brothers of the Brush, they will be forming chapters and recruiting members at the same $5 cost for membership. An official “Women of the Belle” badge and certificate comes with the membership.

All Women of the Belle chapters will have an official comical chapter name and members will be encouraged to come up with their own individual Women of the Belle name with a comical spin to it as well if they want.
Long dresses for the women will not be mandatory for chapter membership but are encouraged if ladies want to bring back the dress of the early Hartington days.
Ladies, begin to form your Women of the Belle chapters of 10-15 women each and plan to have some fun over the next few months leading up to and during the Q-125 celebration.  Please call Dawn Noecker at 254-6308 or Connie Arens at 254-3432 if you are interested in forming a Women of the Belle chapter or becoming a member of a group that is being formed.

For the little tikes, a Little Princess contest for the girls and a Little Shavers contest for the boys is being put together and coordinated by Diane Anderson for the Q-125 celebration.
Although the details are not yet finalized, the contest will be fun for the little ones and a lot of excitement generated up to and during the celebration.

Both the Little Princesses and Little Shavers will have official badges and certificates like the grown-ups so you will be able to distinguish them as Little Princesses and Little Shavers.
Lastly, for the men, if you have not started your beard or mustache, there is still time as the Q-125 celebration is three months away.
A beard contest is in place for Q-125 and awards will be given for up to 12 or so beard and mustache categories so your chance of winning is pretty good.

The official categories will be announced in a few weeks, “but rest assured that a scrubby beard has as good as chance of winning as a well groomed beard, based on the contest categories,” Kathol said.

“For now, keep letting your whiskers grow and think creative and outrageous and you’ll be sitting pretty for the celebration and the beard contest even if your wife should disagree,” Kathol said.