Pipeline work to begin soon

YANKTON, S.D. — A TransCanada Corp. official says work should start by mid-October on the Keystone crude oil pipeline’s Missouri River crossing.
TransCanada spokesman Jeff Rauh told the Yankton City Commission
Monday the crossing would take six to eight weeks to complete.
“In terms of size of the operation, it will involve a dozen or so folks,’’ he said.
“It shouldn’t be too large a presence.’’

Preliminary work began in northern South Dakota early this month on the pipeline, which will carry crude oil 220 miles through the state’s eastern tier of counties.
TransCanada wants to make sure the river crossing is done well before the pipeline construction approaches from the north, Rauh said.
A lot depends on the availability of the people who do the work, he said.
“The crews that perform the directional drill are very, very specialized crews,’’ Rauh said. “There are a few firms in the nation who could conduct this activity, and so the schedule for this particular work really is dependent on the availability of those crews and getting them scheduled in an appropriate time to sequence their activities more so than keeping it in line with other construction activities along the route.’’
The buried pipeline will carry crude oil from the tar sands in Alberta, Canada, to oil refineries in Kansas and Illinois.
Construction is supposed to be done by late next year.