Election produces record low

HARTINGTON — Cedar County set a record for futility Tuesday.
Only 14 percent of the county’s registered voters cast ballots in Tuesday’s Primary Election.
The average voter turnout over the past few years is about 38 percent said Cedar County Clerk Dave Dowling. Prior to the election, he had predicted a 25 percent voter turnout here.
Dowling said the low voter turn out can be attributed to many factors.

There were no local elections on this year’s primary ballot. There was only one election for a county office. That election, in Southern Cedar County for the District Two Commission seat had incumbent Marlen Kraemer running unopposed on the Republican ballot, while Jack McCarthy was unopposed on the Democratic ballot. McCarthy picked up 112 votes, while Kraemer tallied 256 votes.
The Presidential election, which is drawing quite a bit of attention nationally, wasn’t a big item here, either since Nebraska Democrats held their first-ever Democratic Caucuss back in February.
Even though the results won’t add to the Democrats’ national totals, Cedar County voters chose Sen. Barack Obama over Sen. Hillary Clinton, 190-129, in the primary election.
Cedar County Republicans overwhelmingly favored Sen. John McCain for the GOP nomination. He defeated Congressman Ron Paul 340-88.
Democrats in the rest of the state narrowly favored Obama, 49 percent to 47 percent over Clinton. The Senator from Illinois picked up 46,279 votes in Nebraska, while the Senator from New York picked up 43,614 votes.
Statewide, McCain garnered 87 percent of the vote, picking up 118,065 votes, while Congressman Ron Paul collected just 17,647 votes.
Cedar County voters also oppossed Amendment I, 400-361. The amendment would allow governmental entities to invest money in stocks and annuities to recieve better dividends. This was the only area where county voters differed with voters from across the rest of the state. The Amendment passed the statewide referendum by a 58-42 percent margin.
Cedar County’s two representatives in Congress, First District Congressman Jeff Fortenberry and Third District Congressman Adrian Smith both overwhelmingly won the approval of Cedar County voters. Fortenberry garnered 206 votes here. He was unopposed on the Republican primary ballot. Democrat Max Yashirin only picked up 70 votes on the Democratic ballot.
Smith defeated challenger Jeremiah Ellison 178-33 in the primary. On the Democratic ticket, Jay Stoddard defeated Paul Spatz, 144-67.
Cedar County residents favored former Governor and former U.S. Ag Secretary Mike Johanns over challenger Pat Flynn in the Republican Primary, 345-115. Republicans across the state also favored Johanns, who picked up 78 percent of the statewide vote.
Democrats here picked Scott Kleeb over Tony Raimondo as their choice to challenge Johanns in the Fall.
In the statewide election, Kleeb garnered 65 percent of the votes, while Raimondo only picked up 25 percent of the vote.
Kleeb and Johanns will now face off in November to see will replace Sen. Chuck Hagel, who decided not to run for re-election.
Cedar County Results

County Commission Dist 2
(R) Marlen Kramer    256
(D) Jack McCarthy    112

Republican    County vote    Neb vote
John McCain    340        118,065
Ron Paul    88          17,647

U.S. Senate
Mike Johanns    345        111,289
Pat Flynn    115          31,369

First District Congress
Jeff Fortenberry    206           45,326

Third District Congress
Adrian Smith    178           54,736
Jeremiah Ellison  33              7,885

Democrat    County vote    Neb vote
Barack Obama    190         46,279
Hillary Clinton    129         43,614

U.S. Senate
Scott Kleeb    204          64,903
Tony Raimondo      46          23,832

First District Congress
Max Yashirin      70           26,847

Third District Congress
Jay Stoddard    144             17,600
Paul Spatz      67              6,102