Election filing deadline is this week

HARTINGTON — The filing deadline for incumbents who wish to seek re-election to office is this week.
If anyone is already serving in an elected office but decides to run for a different elected office, that person is considered an incumbent and must abide by the Feb. 15 deadline, said Cedar County Clerk Dave Dowling.
Non-incumbents will have until Monday, March 3, to file for elective office.
The filing deadlines for village boards, Education Service Units, and Public Power Districts are all later in the year.
Incumbents for these offices must file for re-election by July 15, 2008 while non-incumbents have until Aug. 1, 2008 to file.

Only one county official is up for election this year. Cedar County Commission Chairman Marlen Kramer, who represents southern Cedar County, is up for re-election this year. He has already filed for another four-year term on the Board.
One non-incumbent has already filed for the Hartington School Board. Doug Miller has filed for a four-year term on the board.
Offices and office-holders up for election in the 2008 Nebraska elections are as follows:
• City of Hartington: Ed Bottolfsen and Tim Burbach.
• Hartington School Board: Steve Grube, Wendy Sudbeck and Ron Pearson.
• Wynot School Board: Kevin Klug, Tami Wiepen, Daryl Sudbeck.
• Coleridge School District: Karla Hansen, Robert Colwell, Marlen Papenhausen, Loren Paulsen.
• City of Laurel: Gerry Cunningham, Scott Rath, Logan Garber.
• City of Randolph: Kevin Tunink, Brad Bargstadt.
• Randolph School Board: Greg Robinson, Tim Kint, Michael Strathman.
• Laurel School District: Ben Galvin, Richard Brandow, Mike Dietrich.
Laurel Mayor Logan Garber has already filed for re-election. Del Hemseth has filed for the East Ward seat currently held by Gerry Cunningham.
Brandow and Dietrich have filed for re-election for the School Board. Garry Anderson has also filed for one of the school board seats.