County fine tunes construction details

HARTINGTON — Cedar County Commissioners made a few more decisions Aug. 26 concerning the courthouse addition and renovation project.
RaDec Construction President Ed Bottolfsen met with the Commissioners and updated them on the work.
A well is already down and workers will begin digging another well which is needed for the heating and cooling system.
The commissioners are planning on seeing a huge savings from the new geo-thermal heating and cooling systems which will be installed.
The commissioners selected the brick which will be used for the addition – it will match the brick in the original courthouse building.
County Treasurer Carol Wortmann asked the board members to strike three out of the nine remaining Distress Warrants from the tax roll

“The three warrants were on mobile homes that no longer exist,” said Wortmann. “The original tax is still owned by the owner – but there will be no future tax.”
In November of 2007 the Treasurer’s Office issued 135 Distress Warrants for taxes that had not been paid on personal property and improvements on leased land.

The County Sheriff’s Department had until the Aug. 1 of this year to act on the Distress Warrants – the tax was collected on all but nine of the warrants.

Emery Graffis, General Manager of Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company (NNTC), met with board members.
Graffis asked the Commissioners to sign a franchise agreement with CenCom TV giving their approval for NNTV (Northeast Nebraska TV) to offer their services to rural customers as well as those who live in the Village of Coleridge.
The agreement that was signed by the Commissioners was a courtesy – NNTV can operate with or without a signed franchise agreement with Cedar County although it may be needed at some point down the road.